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Acoustic Foam: is it all the same?

Just a quick one. A common criticism of acoustic foam is that it will not absorb low frequencies. This is a very common point of view expressed on forums that is simply not true. At risk of repeating myself, the ability of acoustic foam to absorb low frequencies is related to thickness, structure and density. […]

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Voiceover booth – acoustic treatment

Recently one of our customers (a radio station in South Australia) installed both the HA600-75 acoustic panel (absorber/diffuser) and the SA600-75 acoustic panel (broadband) in conjunction with some custom made acoustic treatment. The HA600-75 is ideal for this application as it retains a sense of space while absorbing problematic lower frequencies. It also exhibits remarkable […]

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Bass Traps in the Bedroom

Bass traps are generally the first component of an acoustic treatment for a project studio in the bedroom.  A bit of flutter echo will mess far less with your mix or listening, than will uncontrolled low frequencies.  High frequencies will smear your imaging a bit, but low frequency dips and peaks will do your head […]

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Heil PR40 Microphone – a quick review

I recently became curious about the Heil PR40, having read a number of good reviews on the web. It is a dynamic end address mic with a very wide flat frequency response from 28Hz to 18kHz. It is capable of handling very high SPL’s, which makes it a very versatile mic. At around $300 US, […]

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Acoustic Foam vs Semi rigid fibreglass

I often read in forums (Gearslutz etc) ongoing arguments about polyurethane bass traps (such as ours) versus semi rigid fibreglass. It is often stated that polyurethane will not absorb low frequencies, which is absolutely false. Thin wall panels won’t absorb low frequencies but a large volume corner trap is very effective in absorbing low frequencies. […]

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