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Graeham Goble’s home studio acoustic treatment

I recently had the pleasure of acoustically treating Graeham Goble’s temporary home studio. I’ve never seen so many gold records in one location! Given the large open plan nature of the room we decided to enclose the mixing workstation, and treat another area of the room for the recording of acoustic and amplified instruments. An […]

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HA600-75 acoustic panel selected for installation at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at Melbourne University have installed the HA600-75 hybrid acoustic panel in eight tutorial rooms in order to meet the specific requirements of music tutors and students. Each room needed to have the ability to be acoustically tailored to the sonic profile of each instrument. The HA600-75 acoustic panel is ideal […]

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Improving office acoustics: Rosa Noir and MP700-40 installation

I was recently asked to sort out the acoustics in a couple of small meeting rooms that resonated a bit like large telephone boxes (showing my age, remember those, the old red ones?). We used the Rosa Noir panels as they are a broadband panel, combined with the MP700/40 panels on the ceiling. The resonance […]

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Rosa Noir Home Theatre Acoustic Panel

It’s been a while since my last post, unfortunately had a few health issues that needed attending too, which involved a three week stint in hospital. Glad to walk out of that place. More importantly, we have just launched a new home theatre acoustic panel that provides excellent absorption down to 200hz, and is designed […]

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HA600-75 Hybrid Acoustic panel proving popular

The HA600-75 has been installed in a variety of applications for the last two years, from fully professional studios, audio schools and projects studios to home theatre. Because of the ability to easily change the acoustic characteristics of the panel, it means you can easily change the sound of your room if required. A bit […]

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SoundAcoustics products now in Sketchup 3D warehouse

I’ve finally got around to uploading SoundAcoustics products as Trimble Sketchup.  Sketchup is a great free 3D modelling program that makes designing a room layout reasonably easy. There are video tutorials to get you going, and components for a room such as a desk etc can be downloaded from the 3D warehouse. SoundAcoustics products can […]

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HA600-75 Acoustic Panels installed at JMC Academy Melbourne

It’s been a busy last few months, and in particular we’ve been installing the HA600-75 hybrid acoustic panel in the newly revamped Studio 2 at JMC  Academy Melbourne. They have installed some nice outboard gear as well, a 24 track Toft console, boutique pres, SSL interfaces etc. A great recording experience for first year students. […]

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Australian Audio and AV show wrapup

What a great weekend it was at the Marriott Hotel in Melbourne. Those who went along were treated to an impressive range of top shelf audio gear.  SoundAcoustics treated a room in conjunction with Equinox Audio, builders of superb Australian made speakers. Listening to these speakers was an absolute treat. I treated the room with […]

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Australian Audio & AV Show

Yes folks this weekend is the Australian Audio & AV Show at the Marriott hotel in Melbourne. This is a unique opportunity to see a range of SoundAcoustics panels in action in conjunction with some very nice gear from Equinox Audio. What will be unique is that the hotel rooms at the Marriott are very […]

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Acoustic panels and bass traps in action!

In October we there will be a unique opportunity to see SoundAcoustics panels in action in a fully treated room at the THE AUSTRALIAN AUDIO & AV SHOW Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October 2011. The installation will be in conjuction with some superb high end components from Equinox Audio. You will be […]

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