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HA600-75 Hybrid Acoustic panel proving popular

The HA600-75 has been installed in a variety of applications for the last two years, from fully professional studios, audio schools and projects studios to home theatre. Because of the ability to easily change the acoustic characteristics of the panel, it means you can easily change the sound of your room if required. A bit […]

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Australian Audio and AV show wrapup

What a great weekend it was at the Marriott Hotel in Melbourne. Those who went along were treated to an impressive range of top shelf audio gear.  SoundAcoustics treated a room in conjunction with Equinox Audio, builders of superb Australian made speakers. Listening to these speakers was an absolute treat. I treated the room with […]

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Room Acoustics – The first question is, what are you trying to achieve?

The first question you need to ask yourself before installing any type of acoustic treatment is: What am I trying to achieve? Generally speaking, there are two broad categories of acoustic treatment. The first is reducing the volume of harsh reflections and reverberation which are annoying to the ear in a wide range of situations. […]

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Voiceover booth – acoustic treatment

Recently one of our customers (a radio station in South Australia) installed both the HA600-75 acoustic panel (absorber/diffuser) and the SA600-75 acoustic panel (broadband) in conjunction with some custom made acoustic treatment. The HA600-75 is ideal for this application as it retains a sense of space while absorbing problematic lower frequencies. It also exhibits remarkable […]

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Heil PR40 Microphone – a quick review

I recently became curious about the Heil PR40, having read a number of good reviews on the web. It is a dynamic end address mic with a very wide flat frequency response from 28Hz to 18kHz. It is capable of handling very high SPL’s, which makes it a very versatile mic. At around $300 US, […]

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