HAB600-150 Corner Bass Trap


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The HAB600-150 Bass Trap provides effective bass control down to 65Hz, combined with partial diffusion above 150Hz. The HAB600-150 is a further development of principles first discovered during the laboratory analysis of the HA600/75. It was found that the addition of a diffuser insert improved lower frequency absorption efficiency, providing excellent performance in a relatively compact design. Bass traps which offer this type of performance are typically very expensive. The HAB600-150 provides high end performance at an economical price point. The dimensions of the HAB600/150 are 600 x 600 x 150mm. RRP $129

The timber insert can be stained or painted without affecting acoustic performance. Flock colour coating is also available at additional cost in either burgundy, black, charcoal grey or navy blue.  In a small project studio or control room (approx 3m x 3m) installing a minimum of four bass traps is recommended , behind speaker monitors if practicable.

In many cases, treating all available room corners is required to provide adequate low frequency control.
The HAB600-150 is manufactured from premium quality Sonsorb™  high density acoustic foam. The HAB600-150 features a hidden staple gun channel to allow easy installation with a staple gun, or the panel can also be hung on removable hooks.  It is recommended that the HAB600-150 bass trap is installed with a 3cm between the traps. Like all SoundAcoustics products, the HAB600-150 is guaranteed to perform as advertised. The HAB600/150 is also the perfect partner to the HA600/75 wall panel.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 150 cm

Box of 4 bass traps – Perspex Insert, Box of 4 bass traps – Timber Insert, Single Bass Trap – Perspex Insert, Single Bass Trap – Timber Insert


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