Audiophile Room

Rosa Noir / RAM400-1000
Rosa Noir and RAM400/1000 bass traps flock coated blue

Audiophile rooms require the combination of excellent acoustic performance and unobtrusive aesthetics. High end audio equipment definitely requires a high end acoustic environment. In an untreated room 75% of the sound you hear is reflected sound. It is the number one issue in obtaining the very best is sound reproduction, far more so that factors such as interconnects.

It is also important that the speakers and listening position are properly configured. Speakers should be placed away from corners and at least 60cm from the wall. The listening position should avoid the halfway point of the room and not be too close to the rear wall. Ideally the listening position should be close to the 38% mark.

Any interesting experiment that highlights the importance of room acoustics is to place your speakers outside. They often sound “thin” by comparison to the room, but in fact they are more accurate.

A balanced acoustic treatment should consist of wall panels to reduce first reflections and bass traps to reduce low frequency reverberation.