AV Post Production

AV post production such as a video edit suite requires acoustic control to assist the process of sound mixing. Typically edit suites are small rooms not ideally suited to accurate sound reproduction, so it is important to try and improve the room to an acceptable level.

It is very easy to make a room overly “dead” and lacking any natural ambience at all. Rooms like this a very unpleasant places to be for extended periods of time. Acoustic treatment should be placed at the first refection points on the side walls and rear wall. Bass traps should be considered for edit suites, at least in the rear corners. Ceiling panels should also be considered placed above the workstation.

The HA600/75 acoustic panel which combines diffusion with broadband absorption is an excellent choice for small edit suites as it deals with ‘boxy’ or “muddy’ frequencies but allows a room to sound natural and a bit bigger than it actually is.