Community Halls

Community halls and public spaces nearly always require acoustic treatment in order to allow the space to be utilised for a multiple functions. For example, a hall may be a space for sport during the day and then functions in the evening.

It is important in a community hall that the acoustic treatment can be able to cope with the most challenging acoustic problem – amplified music. Many functions are accompanied by either a band or amplified music such as a DJ. As a result the acoustic treatment should be substantial enough to cope with powerful low frequencies as well as the harsh clatter of high frequencies.

The ceiling is always a preferred location for acoustic treatment and the most practical acoustic panel is the MP700/40. It is recommended to cover at least 40% of the ceiling with acoustic panels. Dealing with low frequencies in a large space is challenging. The end walls of a hall are generally the best location for the installation of bass traps. The most suitable product is a slotted custom panel which can be manufactured to deal with the acoustic issues of the space. It is also very robust, another important consideration in a community hall.