Drum Rooms

Acoustic treatment for drum rooms can depend on the purpose of the room. For drum rehearsal rooms the aim of the acoustic treatment is to reduce harsh reverberation and boominess within the room. A combination of the AT600-40 panel and the RAM400-1000 corner bass trap works well. A typical layout would be 40% wall coverage with the AT600-40 combined with bass traps in at least two of the vertical corners but ideally in four vertical corners. Over the actual drum kit is another good location for acoustic panels.

In a rooms dedicated to recording drums it is desirable that the room retains a natural “liveliness” that can be captured in the recording. How much treatment is required depends on the size and design of the room. Sometimes it is just a matter of dealing with any annoying resonant frequencies with the use of bass traps. The HA600/75 acoustic panel is also a flexible panel that allows a room to retain a natural sense of space.