BT240 Modular Bass Trap Acoustic panel

USD $560.52


The BT240 slotted modular bass trap panel provides excellent absorption down to 65Hz, combining a stylish modern design aesthetic with effective low end control. The dimensions of the panel an imposing 2400 x 600 x 200mm and is manufactured from MDF or furniture grade Birch ply. The BT240 is an innovative bass trap design featuring multiple layers of high density hypoallergenic polyester acoustic absorption batts.

The BT240 is completely freestanding meaning the panel only needs to be fixed to the wall at the top. This allows the panel to be easily moved into new configurations or placed in other rooms, providing the ultimate in flexibility. The BT240 is robustly constructed and ideally suited to schools, universities and professional audio environments. The BT240 has recently been selected by the Melbourne University VCA in Southbank as part of a major refurbishment. Panels are either installed by SoundAcoustics or available as a flat pack ready to assemble. Please contact us for pricing.

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