Bass Trap LF70 – BEAR series bass trap

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Product Description

Corner Bass Trap LF70 – BEAR series: Featuring a unique perspex insert which provides enhanced absorption between 70Hz and 120 Hz.  Flock coated (suede finish) as standard “elephant grey”

  • High performance bass trap providing down to 70Hz (RMIT acoustic lab test results below) 
  • Research and Development at the RMIT Acoustic laboratory in Melbourne Australia
  • Developed and patented by SoundAcoustics: The unique Bass Enhanced Absorption Reflector (BEAR) greatly improves low frequency absorption
  • Effective low frequency control for improved listening accuracy (reduce LF peaks and dips)
  • True Large volume bass trap – 1000mm high 520mm front face 400mm sides (will fit in a 400mm corner space)
  • Feature the SoundAcoustics ‘Staple T’ installation channel. Simple to install and remove without wall damage (using 3M Command Hooks) or with a staple gun
  • Ideally all four vertical corners of a room should have bass trapping (or start with corners behind speakers ) – this can be achieved economically with the LF70 bass trap
  • Easily installed in ceiling corners
  • Highest quality polyurethane guaranteed for 10 years
  • Made in Australia – Environmental Choice Australia – no harmful blowing agents
  • Looks amazing!




Our aim was to design a high performance bass trap that would outperform bass traps costing many times the price. The result is the LF70 – BEAR corner bass trap, featuring a unique reflective diffuser insert which significantly increases low frequency absorption.

The LF70 insert greatly improves absorption between 60 and 160Hz, compared to a traditional acoustic foam bass trap.
Test results (see below ) Without the insert roll off rapidly begins below 160hz. With the insert installed absorption co-efficients are significantly improved.
For example at 80Hz:  .38 (38% absorption) with insert removed vs .7 (70% absorption ) with insert installed.
LF70 AC Insert test results
LF70 AC Insert test results

Research and Development

From our research and development of the HA600/75 hybrid panel, we thought perhaps a similar approach could be applied to a corner bass trap. Acoustic laboratory testing revealed that by incorporating a reflective insert of the correct size and mass the low frequency absorption of the bass trap can be significantly improved.  The BEAR series bass traps also provide a unique level of flexibility.  If more high frequency absorption is desired, the diffuser insert can be easily removed.  And of course we couldn’t resist the BEAR acronym – makes it a BEAR trap!

Testing the BEAR series LF70 bass trap in controlled laboratory conditions (below)

Corner Bass Trap




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