LF70 Corner Bass Trap – BEAR series


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Product Description

BEAR series LF70 Corner Bass Trap: featuring the Bass Enhanced Absorption Reflector (BEAR)

Our aim was to design a high performance bass trap at a reasonable cost. The result is the BEAR series LF70 corner bass trap, featuring a unique reflective insert, which effectively increases low frequency absorption.  Often the best ideas are the simplest. We first started experimenting with reflective inserts in development of the HA600/75 wall panel, released in 2008.  The HA600/75 has been a remarkable success, now commonly seen in recording studios both in Australia and worldwide. What is interesting about the HA600/75 hybrid design is how the reflective insert performs a dual purpose. The insert partially reflects high frequencies whilst significantly improving low frequency absorption.

Research and Development

From our research and development of the HA600/75 hybrid panel, we thought perhaps a similar approach could be applied to a corner bass trap. Our research revealed that by incorporating a reflective insert of the correct size and mass the effect was very similar. The insert greatly improved the low frequency absorption of an otherwise conventional corner bass trap.  Specific to the BEAR series LF70 design, the shallow radius reflective insert achieves an approximate doubling of the absorption coefficients between 70 and 120hz, a significant improvement. As with the hA600/75, there is the added benefit of partial reflection of high frequencies. This allows a room to retain a natural sense of space. This is an important consideration in designing an acoustic treatment.  The BEAR series bass traps also provide a unique level of flexibility. If more high frequency absorption is desired, the diffuser insert can be easily removed.  And of course we couldn’t resist the BEAR acronym – makes it a BEARtrap!

Installation of the LF70 bass trap is incredibly easy utilising the “Staple T” channel (see below) unique to SoundAcoustic products. The bass trap can be installed with either staple gun, removable hooks (such as 3M Command hooks) or with water based builders adhesive.

The LF70 can be supplied with either a clear perspex or timber insert.

Dimensions: 1000mm high 520mm across front face

Performance: Effective absorption down to 70hz

The LF70 is also the ideal partner for the HA600-75 acoustic, providing a complete professional acoustic treatment from 70hz upwards.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 17.5 x 52 x 100 cm
LF70 Bass Trap

LF70 Perspex Panel, LF70 Plywood Panel


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