Acoustic panel room kit RK2

AUD $1,699.00

Product Description

The Acoustic panel room kit RK2 provides is suitable for rooms up to 4 x 4 meters, and contains 16 HA600/75 hybrid absorber/diffuser with perspex inserts. The LF70 is an excellent large volume bass trap suitable for corner or ceiling installation. A high quality kit that will form the cornerstone of a professional level acoustic treatments. This kit would also work well for a media room, audiophile room or home theatre. All components feature a quality flock “suede like”finish.

Hybrid Absorber Diffuser HA600-75

The patented Hybrid Absorber Diffuser HA600-75 is a unique acoustic panel that can function purely as an acoustic absorber or alternatively, as a hybrid diffuser/absorber, providing the flexibility to fine tune your acoustic environment. The diffuser forms a smooth radius, effectively spreading high frequency reflections. The diffuser insert also provides the additional benefit of significantly extending the low frequency absorption of the panel, with useful absorption down to 125hz.

Frequency Range: 125Hz and above

Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 75mm

Corner bass trap LF70

Corner bass trap LF70 is a large volume, high efficiency corner bass trap with guaranteed low frequency performance.  It is the bass trap of choice for many broadcast and educational institutions such as the ABC, the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and JMC Academy. The LF70 bass trap is designed to be installed in the corners of a room, both vertical corners and ceiling corners.

Frequency Range: 70Hz and above

Dimensions: 1000mm high, 520mm across the front face.