RK3 Room Kit – A complete solution

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The RK3 room kit is a complete professional  acoustic treatment for rooms 3.5 to 5.0 metre squared. It consists of: 8 BEAR series LF70 bass traps, 16 HA600/75 wall panels and 4 PA600/25 ceiling panels.

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Product Description

The RK3 Room Kit is fantastic value and represents a $200 discount compared to purchasing the items individually. The RK3 room kit is a complete balanced professional acoustic solution for rooms between 3.5 and 5 metres squared.  The cornerstone of the RK3 is 8 BEAR series LF70 corner bass traps providing excellent control of low frequency reverberation down to well below 70hz.   The LF70 bass traps are matched with 16 HA600/75 hybrid wall panels which provide excellent broadband absorption combined with diffusion above 400Hz. The HA600/75’s acoustic specification emulates a high end resonator panel at a low price point.   The RK3 is fitted with all natural timber inserts. At $1899 the RK3 provides exceptional value.

8 x LF70 BEAR series bass traps

16 x HA600/75 hybrid wall panels

Installation of the wall panels can be with either a manual staple gun or with 3M Command removable hooks.

*PLEASE NOTE: Variations in colour and appearance of the grey acoustic foam varies slightly from run to run. We do our best to match panels and achieve consistency across an order, but not always possible. If you require absolute colour consistency and finish we recommend having the panels flock coated, which is a durable “suede like”finish. It is a colour fast quality finish. Typically adds a cost of around 30% per panel. The standard “off the shelf” colour is charcoal grey. Please contact [email protected] to order*



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