HA600-75 Hybrid Acoustic Absorber/Diffuser




The patented HA600/75* is a unique acoustic panel that can function purely as an acoustic absorber or alternatively, as a hybrid diffuser/absorber, providing the flexibility to fine tune your acoustic environment. The dimensions are 600mm x 600mm x 75mm. Download the NATA certified test results below video.
The HA600/75 acoustic panel is designed to receive a polycarbonate diffuser insert (or flexiply plywood*), for the purpose of modifying the acoustic characteristics of the panel. The diffuser forms a smooth radius, effectively spreading high frequency reflections. The diffuser insert also provides the additional benefit of significantly extending the low frequency absorption of the panel, with useful absorption down to 125hz
In professional studios, the acoustic treatment is designed to allow the room to retain a natural sense of space. The HA600/75 acoustic panel has been designed to emulate the acoustic performance of a well designed resonator panel, as seen in high end professional studios. The HA600-75 acoustic panel has become the product of choice for demanding professionals and has been installed extensively at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.
The HA600-75 is available in standard grey acoustic foam or flock coated (suede like soft fibre finish) in a range of colours. Custom colours available on request, minimum quantity 16 panels. To order flock colour coated panels please contact us direct: sales@soundacoustics.com.au

Download HA600/75 test results

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HA600-75 Hybrid panel

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