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Designing the optimum room treatment requires consideration of many factors. It can often take a few attempts to achieve an acoustic environment you are totally happy with. An initial layout should, in most cases, be considered a “first step”, which can be added to if necessary. We provide advice for recording studios, home theatre, audiophile listening rooms, workplace and general environmental acoustic control. Also, be aware of the difference between acoustic treatment and sound proofing. Acoustic panels or bass traps will not stop noise annoying your neighbors! Acoustic treatment is primarily about improving the sound characteristics of a room or space.

Trying to decide which acoustic treatment is right for you can be confusing. Fortunately we are here to help. Email us to ask a question and make sure to include the following

  • Purpose of room/space
  • Size of room/space
  • Construction of room (eg plaster, brick etc)
  • Floor coverings or type of floor.
  • Problems with room (too loud, music lacks clarity etc)
  • Any existing acoustic treatment

Please feel free the send a few pics of your space, this is a great help. Please allow three working days for a response as we do get snowed under at times.

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