Acoustic foam panel installation

There are 4 main methods to ensure correct installation

Staple Gun

SoundAcoustics studio panels feature the patented “Staple T” staple gun channel for hidden stapling. This is allows for quick and simple installation on to plasterboard (gyprock) or any surface that will adequately hold a staple. A inexpensive staple gun can be bought from the large hardware chains for around $20. A better quality staple gun can be bought for around $50 (Rapid brand). Use at least 10mm staples and push the staple gun firmly into the staple channel compressing the foam and pull the trigger. Generally three staples per channel will hold the panels securely. The staple gun channels can also be used for other fasteners such as plaster nails, pins etc.

Removable Hooks

For easily removable installation 3M manufacture removable hooks which can be attached and removed without wall damage. The only issue with these hooks is they require a good quality painted surface. Simply use the staple gun channel to poke a small through the panel, and use this hole to place the panel on the hooks.

Some SoundAcoustics panels feature an air-gap design which is also useful for hanging the panel on hooks.


For installation requiring the use of adhesive it is necessary to only use a water based adhesive. For acoustic panels up to 90mm thick you can actually use Bostik gap filler which makes an effective and economical adhesive.

This is also quite effective on irregular surfaces such as painted brick.


Panels can also be attached to the wall with velcro tape, even though it is best to use additional adhesive to attach the velcro to the acoustic panel, as the velcro adhesive will not hold to the panel for very long. Silicone bathroom sealer will work quite well as a flexible adhesive for this purpose. It is best to allow the silicone to fully cure over 24 hours before attempting to install the panel.