Graeham Goble’s home studio acoustic treatment

I recently had the pleasure of acoustically treating Graeham Goble’s temporary home studio. I’ve never seen so many gold records in one location! Given the large open plan nature of the room we decided to enclose the mixing workstation, and treat another area of the room for the recording of acoustic and amplified instruments. An isolation booth for vocal recording is down in the basement.
We managed to achieve an almost flat frequency response from 50hz and above, in part helped by the open nature of the room and not have to deal with any nasty room modes typically present in small rooms. The reverb times across the spectrum were in the 300ms range, meaning the room retained a reasonably natural sense of space. In the recording area we installed the HA600/75 hybrid diffuser panel in groups of three, using custom cut 1800 mm long diffuser inserts to create a seamless look.
The panels have also been custom colour coated.