New wine bar in Cremorne uses MP700 acoustic panels

The Lilac bar is a converted warehouse that required acoustic treatment from SoundAcoustics to transform it into a comfortable environment for patrons to enjoy. 50% ceiling coverage was required because of the hard concrete floor and brick walls. Lilac bar feature in The Age Lilac Bar in Cremorne featuring MP700/40 ceiling panels

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Custom Vocal Booth

Goble Vocal Booth

We designed and installed a custom vocal/isolation booth for Graeham Goble (Little River Band), based on the BA120 slot resonator panel. The ceiling was fitted with LED lighting within the panels. Vocal Booth

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Treat my Room – Audio Technology Mag

Last year I travelled up to the Central Coast to fit out a home studio in conjunction with the Audio Technology magazine ‘Treat My Room’ competition. Congrats to competition winner Brent Murphy. You can read all about it here: TREAT MY ROOM

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