Acoustic Panel AT600-40

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Product Description

The Acoustic Panel AT600-40 is a broad purpose acoustic panel designed to control acoustic reflection, reverberation and resonance above 450 Hz. The panel is ideally suited for voice-over booths, recording rooms and noisy areas with hard reflective surfaces requiring acoustic control*. It provides an effective low cost option, combining striking design with easy installation, thanks to the Staple T” hidden staple gun channel, exclusive to SoundAcoustics products.

Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality combustion modified automotive grade acoustic foam and comes in the standard colour of charcoal grey. They are factory guaranteed for 10 years.


The Acoustic Panel AT600-40 is suited to voiceover booths, Isolation Rooms, Mid/High frequency reverb, flutter and reflection control, general purpose acoustic panel.


Frequency Range: 500Hz and above

Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 40mm

*For control of lower frequencies in critical listening environments a thicker broadband panel such as the SA600/75 should be installed, in conjunction with corner bass traps. For example, home theatre or recording studio control room applications.

*PLEASE NOTE: Variations in colour and appearance of the grey acoustic foam varies slightly from run to run. We do our best to match panels and achieve consistency across an order, but not always possible. If you require absolute colour consistency and finish we recommend having the panels flock coated, which is a durable “suede like”finish. It is a colour fast quality finish. Typically adds a cost of around 30% per panel. The standard “off the shelf” colour is charcoal grey. Please contact [email protected] to order*

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 4 cm