Acoustic panel room kit RK-05

AUD $399.00

Product Description

The Acoustic panel room kit RK-05 is an excellent value starter kit suitable for the desktop home studio. Based on the high performance RAM400-1000 corner bass trap.

10 x AT600-40 Acoustic Panel

2 x RAM400-1000 Corner Bass Traps

The Acoustic Panel AT600-40

The Acoustic Panel AT600-40 is a broad purpose acoustic panel designed to control acoustic reflection, reverberation and resonance above 450 Hz. The panel is ideally suited for voice-over booths, recording rooms and noisy areas with hard reflective surfaces requiring acoustic control*. It provides an effective low cost option, combining striking design with easy installation, thanks to the Staple T” hidden staple gun channel, exclusive to SoundAcoustics products.

Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000

Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000 is a large volume, high efficiency corner bass trap with guaranteed low frequency performance.  It is the bass trap of choice for many broadcast and educational institutions such as the ABC, the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and JMC Academy. The Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000 is designed to be installed in the corners of a room, both vertical corners and ceiling corners.