Custom Vocal Booth

Goble Vocal Booth

We designed and installed a custom vocal/isolation booth for Graeham Goble (Little River Band), based on the BA120 slot resonator panel. The ceiling was fitted with LED lighting within the panels. Vocal Booth

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Acoustic Foam vs Fibreglass

Acoustic foam has been used by manufacturers such as Auralex and Sonex for decades. The benefits over other materials is that it can be easily manufactured into various designs and contours that enhance the absorption characteristics of the foam. There are many discussions on the web about the effectiveness of acoustic foam vs fibreglass. An…

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Graeham Goble’s home studio acoustic treatment

I recently had the pleasure of acoustically treating Graeham Goble’s temporary home studio. I’ve never seen so many gold records in one location! Given the large open plan nature of the room we decided to enclose the mixing workstation, and treat another area of the room for the recording of acoustic and amplified instruments. An…

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Improving office acoustics: Rosa Noir and MP700-40 installation

I was recently asked to sort out the acoustics in a couple of small meeting rooms that resonated a bit like large telephone boxes (showing my age, remember those, the old red ones?). We used the Rosa Noir panels as they are a broadband panel, combined with the MP700/40 panels on the ceiling. The resonance…

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SoundAcoustics products now in Sketchup 3D warehouse

Problem Bedroom Studio2

I’ve finally got around to uploading SoundAcoustics products as Trimble Sketchup.  Sketchup is a great free 3D modelling program that makes designing a room layout reasonably easy. There are video tutorials to get you going, and components for a room such as a desk etc can be downloaded from the 3D warehouse. SoundAcoustics products can…

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