BA120 Modular Studio Acoustic Panel

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The BA120 is a “off the shelf” version of a resonator style acoustic panel manufactured by SoundAcoustics. The unique front panel design can be applied to a range of custom sizes and configurations depending on the acoustic requirements of the space. It can even be applied to a corner bass trap. See the picture gallery for examples.

BA120 Broadband acoustic panel  – FURNITURE GRADE BIRCH  42kg m3 Polyester acoustic filling. Inspired by contemporary Danish design, the BA120 acoustic panel provides excellent absorption down to 160Hz, combining a modern design aesthetic with high end acoustic performance. The BA120 front panel has an open area of 32% allowing the panel to function as an efficient broadband panel. The dimensions of the panel are 1200 x 600 x 85mm and contains high density 42kg m3 hypoallergenic polyester acoustic absorption batts. The BA120 is robustly constructed and ideally suited to home studios, home theatre, schools, universities and professional audio environments. The BA120 has recently been selected by the Melbourne University VCA in Southbank as part of a major refurbishment. The BA120 can either be easily installed on a timber batten fixed to the wall.  A 130mm deep bass trap version is also available. Panels are made to order so please allow 2/3 weeks for delivery.

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BA120 Acoustic panel Piano room
BA120 Piano Room



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