Lundor Architectural Acoustic panel

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Product Description

Lundor Architectural Acoustic panel is a visually stunning acoustic panel inspired by contemporary Danish design. The Lundor Architectural Acoustic panel is ideal for modern commercial and domestic environments. The Lundor looks more like a contemporary art work rather than a high performance acoustic panel. It is suitable for installation in offices, boardrooms, professional studios and home theatre, in fact any acoustic application where aesthetics are important.  Colours can be combined to create a stunning look, such as the block of 8 Lundor panels in the pic below.

The Lundor Architectural Acoustic panel is manufactured from high density  polyurethane acoustic foam (36 kg m3). With a total NRC of .8, the Lundor is suitable for demanding professional acoustic applications such as recording studios and broadcast applications. The panel is coated with a flock finish which is similar to suede, which is both robust and attractive. The Lundor is often installed in conference rooms to improve intelligibility of conference calls and general discussion. Also ideal for school music rooms and auditoriums. The Lundor Architectural Acoustic panel features the patented “Staple T” fixing channel allowing easy installation with a staple gun. Panels can also be installed with removable adhesive hooks to allow easy removal without the worry of wall damage. A great option if you are not sure of the layout! Dimensions are 600 x 600 x 45mm

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