White Acoustic Ceiling Panel MP700-40


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The White Acoustic Ceiling Panel MP700-40 (700 x 700 x 40mm) is a Class 2 fire rated melamine acoustic panel designed for ceiling applications. Ideal for  commercial and domestic applications. Stylish, lightweight and easy to install. Arctic White only.

The SoundAcoustics MP700-40 is a high fire rated acoustic panel designed to control excessive noise levels due to echo and reverberation. The stylish but unobtrusive design
provides aesthetically pleasing acoustic control. The panel is ideally suited for ceiling installation in commercial or domestic areas with significant hard reflective surfaces
(glass, tiled floors etc.) such as restaurants, open plan offices, call centers and school halls. Total NRC is .8 The MP700-40 is also suitable for applications requiring a high fire rating such as multi-level buildings and music venues.

Chemical and heat resistant

The MP700-40 is resistant to heat and chemical breakdown, making it suitable for installation in indoor pool areas and demanding industrial applications.


The MP700/40 is a lightweight panel that can be easily adhered to ceilings without requiring additional support. The panels can be simply installed on the ceiling with either silicone or builder’s adhesive.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 4 cm


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