Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000

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Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000 is a true large volume (1000mm x 520mm front face), high efficiency corner bass trap with guaranteed low frequency performance.  It is the bass trap of choice for many broadcast and educational institutions such as the ABC, the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and JMC Academy. The Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000 is designed to be installed in the corners of a room, both vertical corners and ceiling corners. The RAM400-1000 bass trap features the unique SoundAcoustics “Staple T”, allowing quick and easy installation using a staple gun. This is particularly handy for ceiling installation. Without the Staple T staple gun channel it is a difficult proposition to install a bass trap in the ceiling corners.  The RAM400/1000 corner bass trap can also be easily installed using 3M removable hooks. Installing with Hooks Guide

Range: 70 hz and above


Dimensions: 1000 mm high, 530mm wide, 180mm thick.

The aim of acoustic treatment should be to reduce reverberation as evenly as possible across the entire acoustic spectrum. A very common mistake is the installation of acoustic material which will only deal with mid and high frequencies. Regular acoustic panels, or typical alternatives such as carpet, eggshell foam etc. are ineffective in controlling low end problems. Without bass traps to absorb low frequencies the room will become acoustically unbalanced, that is, very little high frequency reverberation combined with uncontrolled low frequencies. A room like this will sound deceptively ‘dead’ to the spoken word, but will sound very muddy and “boomy” when music is played.

Smaller rooms are often more of a challenge than larger rooms when it comes to controlling low frequencies.  Issues can vary from peaks and dips in volume, to the “one note effect” where the room will resonate at one particular frequency, adversely affecting sound quality and accuracy.

The Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000 is proudly manufactured in Australia from the highest quality flame retardant automotive grade polyurethane foam and carries a 5 year warranty.

In a smaller rooms the Corner bass trap RAM 400-1000 is ideally installed in the ceiling, as these are often the only corners available.

Standard Colour: Charcoal Grey

*PLEASE NOTE: Variations in colour and appearance of the grey acoustic foam varies slightly from run to run. We do our best to match panels and achieve consistency across an order, but not always possible. If you require absolute colour consistency and finish we recommend having the panels flock coated, which is a durable “suede like”finish. It is a colour fast quality finish. Typically adds a cost of around 30% per panel. The standard “off the shelf” colour is charcoal grey. Please contact [email protected] to order*


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