LF65 BEAR series Corner Bass Trap

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Product Description

LF65 – BEAR series Corner Bass Trap

Developed by SoundAcoustics, The LF65 features a unique natural timber or perspex insert which provides enhanced absorption between 65Hz and 120 Hz.

  • High performance bass trap providing effective absorption down to 65Hz.
  • Research and Development at the RMIT Acoustic laboratory in Melbourne Australia
  • Developed and patented by SoundAcoustics: The unique Bass Enhanced Absorption Reflector (BEAR) greatly improves low frequency absorption
  • Effective low frequency control for improved listening accuracy (reduce LF peaks and dips)
  • True Large volume bass trap – 600mm high 600mm front face
  • Feature the SoundAcoustics ‘Staple T’ installation channel. Simple to install and remove without wall damage (using 3M Command Hooks) or with a staple gun
  • Ideally all four vertical corners of a room should have bass trapping (or start with corners behind speakers )
  • Easily installed in ceiling corners
  • Available with either natural timber or perspex insert
  • Highest quality polyurethane guaranteed for 10 years
  • Made in Australia – Environmental Choice Australia – no harmful blowing agents
  • Look amazing!

Research and Development

From our research and development of the HA600/75 hybrid panel, we thought perhaps a similar approach could be applied to a corner bass trap. Acoustic laboratory testing revealed that by incorporating a reflective insert of the correct size and mass the low frequency absorption of a traditional bass trap can be significantly improved.  The insert approximately doubles the absorption between 65hz and 120hz. And of course we couldn’t resist the BEAR acronym – makes it a BEAR trap!

Testing the BEAR series bass trap in at the RMIT Acoustic Laboratory (below)

Corner Bass Trap


*PLEASE NOTE: Variations in colour and appearance of the grey acoustic foam varies slightly from run to run. We do our best to match panels and achieve consistency across an order, but not always possible. If you require absolute colour consistency and finish we recommend having the panels flock coated, which is a durable “suede like”finish. It is a colour fast quality finish. Typically adds a cost of around 30% per panel. The standard “off the shelf” colour is charcoal grey. Please contact [email protected] to order*


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