LF65 BEAR series Corner Bass Trap

USD $67.77

Product Description

The LF65 BEAR series corner bass trap provides effective low frequency control down to 65Hz.  The LF65 is suitable for both vertical corners and ceiling corners. The dimensions of the LF65 are 600mm high and 600mm across the front face. The 600mm  LF65 is 80mm wider than the LF70, and so provides a slightly extended low frequency absorption. A good location for installing is in the corners behind the monitors with 2 traps in either corner, spaced 50mm apart. As with all bass traps in the BEAR series, the LF65 features a reflective insert that performs the dual purpose of reflecting high frequencies as well as significantly improving low frequency absorption. The front panel is 5mm flexible plywood.

The LF65 is very easy to install in ceilings due to the SoundAcoustics ‘Staple T’ hidden staple gun channel.  This allows easy installation with either a light duty staple gun or 3M Command removable hooks.


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