Voiceover booth – acoustic treatment

Recently one of our customers (a radio station in South Australia) installed both the HA600-75 acoustic panel (absorber/diffuser) and the SA600-75 acoustic panel (broadband) in conjunction with some custom made acoustic treatment. The HA600-75 is ideal for this application as it retains a sense of space while absorbing problematic lower frequencies. It also exhibits remarkable low frequency absorption for an acoustic panel of 75mm thickness.

Here is the email and attached photos:

Hi Jacqui,

Attached are two photos of our new voice over booth.

There are three parts to the acoustics.
Three bass traps – one in each of the rear corners and the third is central on the back wall behind eight ½ circle sound diffusers, of various lengths to expose the centre section of the rear base trap.
The ceiling has an angled panel of six SA600/75s. Behind [above] each of the panels is a 300mm circular hole that allows some of the bass frequencies to pass through and be absorbed by an area of dense acoustic bats.
On the end wall and the opposing door are four hybrid acoustic panels with the reflectors [inserts] in place.


Enough natural reflective wall has been retained to make the VO booth very much ‘alive’ without any noticeable reverb and there is always the added control of removing one or all of the reflector inserts on the hybrid panels. The colouring is simply some coloured placards obtained from the newsagency.
The recorded sound is excellent.