Acoustic Foam – Flock coating to add some colour

Acoustic foam panels can be coloured or “flock coated” which is a soft fibre type finish similar to suede or velvet.
The panels are coated in a thin layer of adhesive, statically charged and placed in a chamber where the flock is attracted to the foam. Coating has no adverse effect on acoustic performance. The standard colour of polyurethane acoustic foam is charcoal grey, so the underlying colour of the foam can show through with light colours. Bold colours such burgundy give a very classy and robust finish that is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Acoustic panels are coated to order, so there is a turnaround time of typically two to three weeks. The cost of coating acoustic foam panels is between $15 and $30 per panel, depending on size.
Acoustic foam panels can become a design feature with a bit of creativity. In a home theatre or home studio, the most first application of panels should be at the first reflection points, which are the side walls near the speakers, and also on the rear wall. By placing a mirror on the wall at the panel position, you should be able to see the speakers (from the listening position). Panels can be placed on angle, or spaced apart up to fifteen centimetres.
The flat FP600-60 acoustic panel can look very simple and stylish just using two contrasting colours.