ATC SCM25 Studio Monitors – a quick review!

ATC SCM25 in studio

I recently had the opportunity to borrow some ATC SCM25 studio monitors, and of course I jumped at the opportunity. ATC speakers are made in the UK and come with a considerable studio pedigree. Attack magazine put the ATC SCM25’s on the top of their top ten: Best Monitors In my own humble studio I…

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Acoustic Foam – Flock coating to add some colour

Acoustic foam panels can be coloured or “flock coated” which is a soft fibre type finish similar to suede or velvet. The panels are coated in a thin layer of adhesive, statically charged and placed in a chamber where the flock is attracted to the foam. Coating has no adverse effect on acoustic performance. The…

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Vocal Booth on the cheap!

I get lots of questions about vocal booths, and the solutions are either expensive or a lot of work. If you need a quick and dirty vocal booth, this BT270-600 pressure zone trap configuration works great. The staple gun channels are what makes this possible.

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