Acoustic panels and bass traps in action!

In October we there will be a unique opportunity to see SoundAcoustics panels in action in a fully treated room at the THE AUSTRALIAN AUDIO & AV SHOW Melbourne Marriott Hotel,
Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October 2011. The installation will be in conjuction with some superb high end components from Equinox Audio. You will be able to hear (and enjoy!) the hand crafted Equinox speakers in an acoustically  treated environment. On display will be the BT120/80 bass traps,  HA600/75 hybrid panel and the SA600/75 acoustic panel (as well as a surprise new release!). At the THE AUSTRALIAN AUDIO & AV SHOW the exhibitors will be in moderate sized individual rooms, so will present similar acoustic challenges to the problems one might find at home, particularly in regards to low frequencies.