Australian Audio & AV Show

Yes folks this weekend is the Australian Audio & AV Show at the Marriott hotel in Melbourne. This is a unique opportunity to see a range of SoundAcoustics panels in action in conjunction with some very nice gear from Equinox Audio. What will be unique is that the hotel rooms at the Marriott are very similar to the typical home environment, but probably even more challenging due to the relatively small room dimensions and the construction of the rooms. In two of the corners there will be the BT600/150 bass traps, in conjunction with the HA600/75 hybrid panels. On the rear wall will be an exciting new panel designed specifically for the home theatre environment. If you are at all interested in improving the sound of your room with acoustic panels, this is the opportunity to see and hear them correcting a range of acoustic issues.

The Australian Audio & AV Show is on from 21 – 23 Oct 2011
Location: Marriott Hotel Melbourne, Cnr Exhibition & Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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