HA600-75 Acoustic Panels installed at JMC Academy Melbourne

It’s been a busy last few months, and in particular we’ve been installing the HA600-75 hybrid acoustic panel in the newly revamped Studio 2 at JMC  Academy Melbourne. They have installed some nice outboard gear as well, a 24 track Toft console, boutique pres, SSL interfaces etc. A great recording experience for first year students. In the live room the aim was to create a flexible acoustic environment that allowed the tracking of drums etc to retain a nice sense of space. We installed primarily the HA600-75 Hybrid acoustic panel, with a 3 ply timber insert rather than the perspex. Acoustically, this is a little less reflective than the perspex but the aesthetics of the wood grain is really attractive in a studio space.  The HA600/75 performs pretty much the same as a typical high end studio resonator panel (typically a slat perforated panel with absorbent material behind). The beauty of the HA600/75 is that the reflective insert can be removed to provide straight absorption if the room is feeling a little “live” for a particular recording application. On the ceiling we used just a straight mid/high frequency absorber, the white MP700-40. The feedback from JMC is that the drums and guitar cabs are sounding awesome, and overall the space is working really well.