Australian Audio and AV show wrapup

What a great weekend it was at the Marriott Hotel in Melbourne. Those who went along were treated to an impressive range of top shelf audio gear.  SoundAcoustics treated a room in conjunction with Equinox Audio, builders of superb Australian made speakers. Listening to these speakers was an absolute treat. I treated the room with a combination of the new Red series Viola panels (see below) and the HA600/75 hybrid panels, mounted on 1800 x 600mm MDF panels (3 mm). In one corner I had 4 x BT600/150 bass traps and another 4 BT600/150 at the first reflection points, functioning more as broadband panels.

For a smallish 4 x 5m space, the room sounded remarkably flat, and changing the seating position forward and back revealed very little change in low frequencies. Like ourselves, Equinox speakers are proudly Australian developed and manufactured, so it was a pleasure to create an environment to allow these speakers to really shine.