HA600-75 Hybrid Acoustic panel proving popular

The HA600-75 has been installed in a variety of applications for the last two years, from fully professional studios, audio schools and projects studios to home theatre. Because of the ability to easily change the acoustic characteristics of the panel, it means you can easily change the sound of your room if required. A bit like the new acoustic treatment at Hamer hall in Melbourne, except at a tiny fraction of the price.
Typically a professional studio will consist of either a combination of reflective surfaces and absorption panels, or resonator panels (such as slat panels – see below) This is in order to achieve acoustic control but still retaining a natural sense of space. A room covered completely with absorption material is like a sensory deprivation chamber. Bad for the brain.
You only need to do this in a vocal or isolation booth. So the HA600-75 mimics what professional studio designers set out the achieve, except with the flexibilty of being able to remove the diffuser insert as desired.