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Rosa Noir Home Theatre Acoustic Panel

It’s been a while since my last post, unfortunately had a few health issues that needed attending too, which involved a three week stint in hospital. Glad to walk out of that place.
More importantly, we have just launched a new home theatre acoustic panel that provides excellent absorption down to 200hz, and is designed to look stylish in a modern environment. We also have a matching bass trap currently in production. The standard colour is fire engine red, though all colours are available, with a minimum run of 10 panels.
The Rosa Noir panel is mounted on 3mm MDF which can be simply hung from a picture hook or mounted with 3M Commander Picture hanging strips, using six per panel. This is ideal for mounting the panels with zero wall damage. A medium sized room, around 6 x 4 meters would require 12 – 14 panels to achieve a reasonable level of acoustic control. In home theatre bass traps are recommended in all four corners.

Rosa Noir Home theatre acoustic panel
Rosa Noir Home theatre acoustic panel