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Australian Audio & AV Show

Yes folks this weekend is the Australian Audio & AV Show at the Marriott hotel in Melbourne. This is a unique opportunity to see a range of SoundAcoustics panels in action in conjunction with some very nice gear from Equinox Audio. What will be unique is that the hotel rooms at the Marriott are very […]

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Acoustic panels and bass traps in action!

In October we there will be a unique opportunity to see SoundAcoustics panels in action in a fully treated room at the THE AUSTRALIAN AUDIO & AV SHOW Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October 2011. The installation will be in conjuction with some superb high end components from Equinox Audio. You will be […]

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Acoustician in Sydney

We are now pleased to recommend acoustician Mark McKinnon-Bassett in Sydney for room measurement and acoustic consultation. Mark is a qualified acoustician who has lectured audio engineering at a higher education level for over five years. He holds a Masters in Acoustics with Honours from USyd, has developed acoustics curriculum and  lectured on acoustics at […]

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Sound proofing vs Room acoustics

Sound proofing and treating room acoustics are two separate issues. I commonly get asked about how to stop a drummer or band from annoying the neighbours and asked will acoustic foam reduce noise. The simple answer is, no.  Some of this confusion is propagated by various retailers misleadingly selling acoustic foam for the purpose of […]

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Assessing bass traps

Unfortunately there is no standard for measuring corner bass traps, unlike flat wall mounted acoustic panels, which we have assessed at the RMIT acoustic laboratory in Melbourne.  So the most practical way of determining bass trap performance is by in-situ testing and measuring reverberation times at various frequencies. A bass trap can be tested as […]

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Acoustic Foam – Flock coating to add some colour

Acoustic foam panels can be coloured or “flock coated” which is a soft fibre type finish similar to suede or velvet. The panels are coated in a thin layer of adhesive, statically charged and placed in a chamber where the flock is attracted to the foam. Coating has no adverse effect on acoustic performance. The […]

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Vocal Booth on the cheap!

I get lots of questions about vocal booths, and the solutions are either expensive or a lot of work. If you need a quick and dirty vocal booth, this BT270-600 pressure zone trap configuration works great. The staple gun channels are what makes this possible.

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Bass traps in small rooms

Most home or project studios are located in smallish rectangular rooms, creating a real challenge in creating a relatively accurate listening space. Parallel walls reinforce and nullify harmonic frequencies, creating peaks and dips in the frequency response, particularly between 50 and 250Hz. A common mistake is the overuse of thin acoustic panels (50mm and less), […]

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Lynx Aurora vs Digi 192

There has been plenty of good things written about the Lynx Aurora DA AD converter, and how it beats the pants off the Digidesign 192. After much deliberation, I had to find out myself, particularly as the Aurora 8 is a fair bit cheaper than the 192. I’ve had the Lynx for a week, and […]

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